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Full Arch Surgery Kit

Full Arch Surgery Kit

695,00 €Price

The perfect kit for Full Arch Surgery, with all the instruments needed for the procedure.


The kit includes:

- Carpule

- Straight Scalpel Handle

- Angled Scalpel Handle

- Periodontal Probe (1-15mm)

- Mayo-Hegar Needle Holder

- Straight Suture Scissors

- Angled Suture Scissors

- Aspiration Cannula

- Adson Tissue Forceps

- Gerald Tissue Tweezers

- Minnesota Cawood Minnesota retractor

- Small Full Mouth Retractor (non adjustable)

- Surgical Lucas Curette 2.8mm

- Surgical Lucas Curette 4.7mm

- Molt Surgical Curette

- Molt periostome

- Periostome 4.5mm/5.5mm

- Biarticulated Bone Rongeur

- Metallic Bone Bowl

- Metallic Surgical Cassette

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